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You will find more than real estate on this site. You will also find blogs related to local businesses, services, events and locations. You will also find photography showcasing the beauty that is Northern Michigan. And you will find a useful search engine to connect you with locally-listed properties.

Traverse City Wildlife: Blanding’s Turtle

Blanding's Turtle The Blanding's Turtle is a semi-aquatic turtle that can be found in shallow, weedy ponds, in marshes and in river backwaters. It prefers muddy bottoms over solid and sandy bottoms. Currently the Blanding's Turtle is at an endangered status with its...
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Climate-controlled Storage in Traverse City

Climate-controlled Storage How important is climate-controlled self-storage in a location like Traverse City? Many storage facilities in larger metropolitan areas offer climate-controlled storage options as an upgrade at a higher price. What is the benefit of a...
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UBrew – Home Brewing Supply Store

UBrew - Home Brewing Supply UBrew offers supplies, community, and classes for home brewers in the Grand Traverse Area. Now one week in business, they boast the only bulk supply resource for home brewers in Northern Michigan. As a craft-beer enthusiast with little to...
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United Van Lines 2016 Migration Study

United Van Lines 2016 Migration Study Unigroup is the holding company for the two largest van lines in North America: United Van Lines and Mayflower Transit. These van lines hold claim to the largest fleet of van line trucks and drivers in the household good moving...
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Allied Van Lines 2016 Migration Study

Allied Van Lines 2016 Migration Study Allied Van Lines' 2016 migration study shows Texas dethroned after nearly a decade as the top inbound state. Other trends that Allied Van Lines spotlights in their report include increased numbers moving to the retirement states...
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Atlas Van Lines 2016 Migration Study

Atlas Van Lines 2016 Migration Study Is Michigan growing? What do the numbers of people moving in and out of our state suggest about the condition of the Michigan economy. From Ford electing to maintain Michigan operations to Amazon planning to open fulfillment...
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Sell your House in the Snow

Sell Your House in the Snow The snow is likely to stay for the season, and you are thinking of selling this spring. We suggest that you sell your house in the snow. Contrary to conventional wisdom, the winter is a great time to sell. This article explains why selling...
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Roof Snow Removal

Roof Snow Removal The winter of 2016-2017 came in as a lion -- with a lot of snow accumulation especially in the snow belt areas surrounding Traverse City. Kalkaska, MI already has over three feet of snow accumulation as of the writing of this post - December 17,...
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5 Great Tips To Remember, When Selling Your Home

The one thing that any dating coach will tell you is this: “First impressions mean everything.” You can be the most attractive or fun to be around person in the world, but if your first impression is off, that relationship may never get up off the ground. The same can...
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O’K CSA in Traverse City

O'k CSA Cooperative in Traverse City We were honored to have this opportunity to interview local artist and permaculturalist Penny Marie Krebiehl in Traverse City about her involvement of the O'k CSA Cooperative. This cooperative is based in downtown Traverse City and...
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